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  • loren snyder
    Jun 3, 2004
      > I can't comment in detail. I can say that AZL has set prototypes
      and runs of
      > new locomotives through 2006. These are going to be some
      incredible runs of
      > popular prototypes. Actual production time does depend highly on
      the current
      > release. In this case, much is depending on the F59PHI run.
      Regardless, good
      > things are coming!
      > Rob Kluz
      Well Rob, Do you remember when you were sick a couple of months ago
      and someone almost, or actually did coax some info out of you
      concerning AZL's new release?
      Now that we know that YOU know what is coming in the future.....I
      wouldn't answer your door after dark
      or stay on the phone line too long for fear of a trace, cause the Z
      Undercover Squad just may jump you some dark night and torture you
      by covering you body with white glue and sprinkling you with ground
      foam, or worse yet, lace your breakfast cereal with coupler springs
      and make you chew thoroughly while they super glue your turnout
      switches, until you fess up to what you know. It does sound very
      exciting and promising even if the Z squad can't locate you. Oh by
      the way, stay out of dark alleys after dark !!! We're watching
      you !!!
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