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  • bscaro
    Jun 2, 2004
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      No hood units (including switchers) will be possible with this
      chassis due
      > to the size and width of the can motor used.
      > Best,
      > -Rob

      This is the problem with hood units generally in Z.

      The only way around it cheaply is to put the motor in the cab, as
      occurs with a couple of the Marklin diesels and electrics and of
      course with steam locomotives.

      I do not think this arrangement has been tried with hood units, but I
      can foresee problems doing US hood units this way, as the position of
      the CAB in US locos is normally towards one end, over the lead
      truck, and this is where the motor would have to sit. So the motor
      would be in the place where ordinarily, the gear tower for the front
      truck would be.

      One option might be to have a loco with a dummy front truck and a
      powered rear truck ?

      One interesting idea was an Nn3 'retrofit chassis' for the SP 'Little
      Giant' 3' GE loco, that used the MT F7 motor and trucks, but oriented
      the motor 90 degrees so that it fit into the hood. However, this was
      an Nn3 loco and there was *barely* adequate room for it even in that
      scale. So I do not think this idea could be used for a Z scale

      Best regards

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