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23350Which of these two is better ??

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  • zbarr474
    Jun 1, 2004
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      I'm seriously setting out and glueing down my layout. On a 2%
      curving grade, which of these would be better or does it make any
      difference - from an operation standpoint or any other item I should
      consider. Looks as if I will be using MT flex-track.

      a] a single curve of about 180 degrees; all on a 2% grade; and a
      single 19 inch radius.


      b] two 15 inch curves on the same 2% grade with one 15 inch leading
      in and one 15 inch curve leading out plus about an 8 inch straight
      between the two curves.

      All has to fit on a 4 foot wide base [overall 4 feet x 8 feet] and
      plenty of space between the track and edges of 4x8 foam base.

      Thanks for your advice.

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