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23349Re: SD50's on the point pretty soon

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  • bscaro
    May 31, 2004
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      I would doubt that anything except an AZL mechanism would fit under
      an SD hood ?

      I've been doing measurements on the Marklin mechanisms to see how
      applicable they are for Australian hood diesels in Nn3.5, and they
      are all too wide to fit under such a shell in Z scale.

      The only option might be the little 8864 centre-cab 0-6-0 diesel as
      the basis for the front truck, with the motor sitting in the cab of
      the unit ?

      Once the hurdle of getting a viable motor into a hood unit is done,
      then I imagine American Z will really take off. [Of course, I am
      aware that it happens now, but only at such great cost that it
      severely limits the appeal of the scale.]



      > > Hi guys, pretty soon your mechanical
      > > departments will be able to take delivery
      > > of a great looking SD50 shell.
      > > The shell will fit over a sd40-2 chassis
      > > and a tunnelmotor chassis.
      > You are a true risk taker. I have hard time
      > imagine, to spend $500.00 on a well made brass
      > locomotive, then pull the shell off, put it
      > in the drawer, and install a resin cast shell.
      > There must be another solution. What is the
      > exact interior room of your shell at the engine
      > compartment and the cab? Does the shell have
      > enough room to deal with heat? How do you plan
      > to install the rails, etc...?
      > Lajos
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