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2266Re: [z_scale] Re: Mallets - one more time again

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  • Bahls@t-online.de
    Dec 3, 2000
      Dieter_Mac_Nolte@... schrieb:
      > Dear list,
      > the answers of the experts on my question on 'Mallet', see below, is, that
      > the
      > double usage of steam seems to be the only and one criteria of Mallets, not
      > the
      > split driving mechanism, as stated in my encyclopedia. So I may have to
      > assume
      > the Encyclopedia is wrong. This seems to me somewhat strange.
      > Regards
      > Dieter


      Anatole Mallet was the first one who used the application of compounding in a
      locomotive for the Bayonne-Biarritz railway in France.The loco was a 2-cyl.
      0-4-2 tank locomotive, built in 1876.

      This was the first compound locomotive,this was NOT what was later called a
      "Mallet" locomotive.As many good ME's,Mallet made more than one technical
      development in his life.And what made him famous,the so-called
      "Mallet"-locomotive,to repeat it here again,was an ARTICULATED COMPOUND

      Your encyclopedia isn't wrong; anybody is wrong who refers to a Mallet as an
      articulated without compounding,or as a compound without articulation.

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