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2236Re: [z_scale] Photo etch ideas

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  • Reynard Wellman
    Nov 30, 2000
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      Hello Ed,
      I believe that Miller Engineering is developing a Z rotary snowplow.

      I already have a Micron Art prototype photo-etch cow catcher on my 8805.
      We plan to offer kits for super-detailing Marklin locos as well as conversion
      kits to make German locos look like US locos. The biggest obstacle
      will be in developing US tenders for those German locos. If these conversions
      are to be worth anything at all then that should be done as well. But not if
      is not a large customer demand for these items, too risky if only 50 people
      will show up at the party.

      I can't make promises, but next year could be a banner year for new
      Z scale products. The research is already underway and once we know
      what we're up against, we'll let the dogs out.

      Hang in there, stuff happens.


      Ed Scullin wrote:

      > A while back there was discussion on thing that might be made by the
      > photo etch process. In my new Railroad Model Craftsman there is an
      > article on building a snowplow (US style). It looks like it might be a
      > doable thing in PE. I mean if we can do telephone booths. Of course he
      > made his out of plastic in G scale with radio controls to move the
      > wings, but there were only two curved parts in the design. I wouldn't
      > mind if the wings didn't move at all. The article refered to a December
      > 1984 Model Railroader article on a snowplow for dual tracks (plows out
      > to one side only).
      > If anybody decides to do this, please sign me up for two. I will have
      > two separate mountian divisions and each will need one.
      > Another thought would be a cow catcher for the 8800 and 8805s to make
      > them more US prototypical.
      > Ed Scullin
      > "Z" WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!
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