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20747New Microfigs sea containers now available

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  • jmac_han
    Mar 1, 2004
      Hi Gang,

      Just stumbled across these new bulk containers from Microfigs. It's
      beyond me why they didn't bother to announce them here. You can see
      them for yourselves at http://www.microfigs.com



      ZA-1 20ft Sea Container bulk pack (4)
      Price: $12.95 (CAD) Canadians funds

      This bulk pack of 4 Sea Containers for Z scale come in coloured
      versions of red, blue, and green. This affords the Z scale model
      railroader the ability to produce a varied stack of containers
      without extensive expense. They fit great on the Gunderson style cars

      ZA-2 40ft Sea Container Bulk Pack (4)
      Price: $14.95 (CAD) Canadian funds

      This is our second release of the bulk pack containers for Z scale.
      These being the longer 40ft container versions which also come in
      red, blue and green versions. The look great stacked together with
      the smaller 20ft containers and fit great on both flat cars, and the
      Gunderson style container car.