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204Re: US Oil

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  • BJKRONEN@xxx.xxx
    Sep 2, 1999
      Anders (and the list):

      > You US guys have both the Labelle oil and the Whale clipper oil you often
      > speak so much and well about. Here in europe it's hard to find any of

      > So here comes a small business idea for any US living person, sell them on
      > the web to us! I'd happily buy as long as it isn't a total rip off in

      Gee, Anders, there are times that I think there are 30 Z-modelers in all of
      Europe and 25 here in the USA. Hardly enough to plan my retirement business
      around. <grin>

      But here's what I will do. I can check with the post office to determine if
      Labelle is a "flamable" product, by their definitions. If it's not, then
      shipping it would only be $3.85usd by 3-Day International Priority Mail from
      the US.

      Within reason, I would be inclined to buy labell and mail to you folks over
      there without profit to myself. Would that be considered Foreign Aid by our
      State Department?

      I've already shipped felt tip pens over there for "rusting" track using that
      mail process. and it worked well (cash my way, product your way).

      I'll give them a call and let you know.

      Bill Kronenberger
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