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2031Re: [z_scale] Re: Good Prices

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  • D. A. Karp
    Nov 8, 2000
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      I'd have to agree with this; eBay is also a good place to find discontinued
      items, used collections, and all kinds of accessories no hobby shops will

      At 12:50 AM 11/9/2000 +0000, zscale@... wrote:
      >Except for the F7 in the starter set I began with, all my locomotives have
      >been purchased on eBay. Mine have all arrived in excellent condition, but
      >naturally "let the buyer beware", clean and oil every eBay loco no matter
      >how new it looks. If you are fortunate and don't find yourself in a
      >bidding war with a millionaire (and there seem to be a bunch of them
      >lurking on eBay!), you can save a considerable amount of money on locos. I
      >saved a lot on a set of Pullmans too, but I'm not convinced that you'll
      >save much money buying individual railroad cars on eBay, once you figure
      >in shipping and any bank fees. It seems like MicroTrains cars on eBay are
      >not much cheaper than they'd be at an online retailer or a hobby shop.
      >-- Andy

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