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2030Re: Good Prices

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  • zscale@retrograde.net
    Nov 8 5:07 PM
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      Sorry, I should have included Web addresses:

      Modellbahn Ott

      Z Model Trains

      You'll also run into these URL's on the "where to buy" web page
      recommended in David Karp's post (a few messages before this one).

      -- A.

      > My Z-shopping experience is limited so far, but I've been pleased
      with Modellbahn Ott, in Pennsylvania. I've purchased track, roadbed,
      joiners, motor brushes, headlamp bulbs, etc. there, and have just
      ordered a few MicroTrains boxcars (making my first investment in
      those famous MT couplers). The first time I called, Mr. Ott himself
      answered the phone, and was very pleasant to do business with. The
      prices are favorable to what I've seen in my local shop, and they
      offer an additional discount on some items if you order online.
      > Z Model Trains in Texas has some nice accessories and scenery items
      for sale, like backdrops, structure kits, cast-plaster masonry items,
      Relco track-cleaning zappers and so on. Also pleasant to deal with.
      > Except for the F7 in the starter set I began with, all my
      locomotives have been purchased on eBay. Mine have all arrived in
      excellent condition, but naturally "let the buyer beware", clean and
      oil every eBay loco no matter how new it looks. If you are fortunate
      and don't find yourself in a bidding war with a millionaire (and
      there seem to be a bunch of them lurking on eBay!), you can save a
      considerable amount of money on locos. I saved a lot on a set of
      Pullmans too, but I'm not convinced that you'll save much money
      buying individual railroad cars on eBay, once you figure in shipping
      and any bank fees. It seems like MicroTrains cars on eBay are not
      much cheaper than they'd be at an online retailer or a hobby shop.
      > -- Andy
      > > Can anyone suggest the best place to purchase Z stuff at a
      > > price. Some places give 20% discount as a policy. Here in
      Arizona they
      > > want full price for all Z stuff. I sure would appreciate
      > > Thanks, Regis
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