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2002MT F-7 shells F/S by RLW

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  • Bill Hoshiko
    Nov 2, 2000
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      I hope that I don't offend anyone on this list but I just received
      this information today.

      I just ordered some Nn3 stainless steel track gauges from RLW. These
      must be the equivilant of the NMRA track gauge but scaled for Z scale
      track. I have found that the 3 point track gauges are good for
      holding the rails in relative position but a flat track gauge is best
      for knowing that your rails are truly in gauge. The flat track gauge
      measures the gauge right at the point being measured. I find this
      necessary when building switches.

      Marshall is also offering MicroTrains F-7 shells for sale. His
      choice for road name is available at $10.00 each. If you want your
      choice of road name, that would be $15.00 ea. If he doesn't have one
      of your choice on hand you will have to wait untill he gets one. He
      uses them for his Nn3 Shay locomotives and has 13 shells on hand.

      RLW charges $5.00 shipping.

      Contact Marshall at rlw87@....

      I get no financial rewards for posting this and have no commercial
      ties with RLW but I think that this information may be helpful to
      some of you in this group.

      El Toro