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2001Re: [z_scale] Marklin part

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  • rpb@perigee.net
    Nov 1, 2000
      Dear Dave:
      I just listed a very rare Rogue Locomotive Works prototype on ebay. It is the
      Southern Pacific GP-38 Road number 4812.
      This is the very loco pictured in "Z-Track" magazine. The chassis (and box)is
      marked "PROMO" Later there were 25 serial numbered copies of this made for
      "Z-Track" subscribers. I've had subscribers turn down an offer of a grand for
      their limited production run locos, so this should be a real collectors item.

      I also have 2 more SP GP-38's, road number 4820 and 4836 in the original sealed
      boxes, The 4836 was the last loco produced.
      Don't ask me how I got all this stuff. Just enjoy seeing it come to light.
      I'll entertain any offers from you (before anyone bids on ebay) just to see
      them featured on the website. Keep up the good work.
      >"Z" WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!
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