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2Introducing myself

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  • Jacob Munkhammar
    Jun 28, 1999
      Hi all! (How many have we had time to become yet?)

      I'm Jacob Munkhammar, a Swede in Norway, and am just getting back into the
      hobby after a near-20-or-so year lapse. (I'm now 34.) In my previous life,
      I ran Minitrix N-scale, but Z is a quite obvious choice for me this time. I
      simply love miniaturazation.

      I am not a typical model rail-roader (I believe), as I am not a train-nut;
      I am in this hobby because I love technical things, model building, and
      miniture machinery. In other words, a model train layout is for me not a
      matter of train travel logistics, but I see them more like moving
      sculpures, if you know what I mean.

      OK, so I like real life locos, travelling by train, and grew up by a 891mm
      narrow gauge train that I went to high-school with every day, so there are
      a few grains of train-nut in me too. ;-) And there is a reason why I
      select train minitures and not other mechanical machinery.

      I am also an architect and like to build towns and landscapes with all its
      life, situations and places. Another reason to love model rail-roading.

      So, what "stuff" do I have?
      As I said, I am just getting back - but I am getting back seriously.

      And as I am not a cheat - and as the building is the greatest fun (for me)
      - I plan to build a lot of my rolling stock and other stuff myself.
      Especially locos as well as buildings and other scenery. If there is an
      interest in what I do, I will develop some of it into kits.

      In other words, my main interest is in scratch-building in Z. I hope many
      others of this inclination joins the list!

      I'll get back with my thoughts and questions about this later (not in this

      Finally a thanks to Jeffrey for this initiative. I hope many join us!


      - - - Jacob Munkhammar - - - jacob@... - - -
      mail: Arkitekt Christies gate 4b, N-7012 Trondheim, Norway
      www: http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~jacob/
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