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1972Re: [z_scale] Just in time for Halloween, the coupler questions keep coming up

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  • Ed Scullin
    Oct 20 4:54 PM
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      I would suggest mostly Bettendorfs and some roller bearings on the
      newer cars, very few arch bars, only on the older stuff. Since I don't
      do marklin cars, I am not sure what drill and tap you are refering to.
      The drill and tap for mounting Micro Train coupler pockets IE #905s is a
      number 56 and an 0-80 tap. Depending on the quantity you are going to
      do, go anywhere from a hand held pin vise to a mini chuck for cordless
      screw drivers to a full up drill press. You might want to look at the
      newest Micro Mark tool catalog for ideas and prices.
      Next time look at the Micro Trains cars and also the PennZee hoppers.
      Good Luck
      Ed Scullin
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