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1946Re: Front coupler on steam locomotive?

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  • zscale@retrograde.net
    Oct 2, 2000
      Thanks for the info, Dan (and everyone else, too). It just so happens
      that both my Mikados arrived today (!), so I can take a close look at
      them. I suspected I'd need to cut a rectangular hole in the front, so
      your description confirms that. Since your Mikado is currently living
      in your toolbox, does that mean you haven't had a chance to road-test
      the new coupler yet?

      Reynard, as you mentioned, the goal is indeed to "double-head" a pair
      of Mikados. I've seen it done in a number of old photographs, and in
      the area I'm hoping to model (well, roughly anyway), I understand
      steam double-heading was quite common. Plus, it seems like just the
      thing to pull longer trains up the grades -- without resorting to my
      F7 A-B <grin>.

      While Marklin's American 2-8-2 has a virtually identical body to
      their American 4-6-2, its chassis is probably slightly heavier and
      its drivers are smaller, so I hope for a little less wheel slippage
      on hills.

      It's interesting that despite the number of "powered axles"
      advertised by Marklin, the 2-8-2 and the 4-6-2 have the same number
      of powered wheels doing the work -- four! The other drivers don't
      quite touch the rails. Why are they designed this way? For better
      traction or better electrical contact? Some other reason?

      -- Andy

      > Yes, I have one on my 2-8-2. I added a Kadee to it. This involved
      > drilling a hole out in the front pilot, squaring it up to accept a
      > coupler box, as well as trim a bit off the front of the pilot to
      > the "air hose". I then drilled a hole thru the pilot sill, tapped
      it for
      > a Kadee screw and viola. The little nub that represents the coupler
      > was cut off with a hobby knife.
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