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18545RE: [z_scale] Re: Recommended track gradient

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  • Greg Elmassian
    Jan 1, 2004
      I think if you read back a bit, you will find that the 060 drivers were the
      same diameter, there is more vertical slop in the center driver journal.

      There was a discussion about shimming the center driver journal. If I
      remember correctly, the center driver lifted in reverse, and pressed down in
      forward (this may be backwards)... This makes sense since the drive to the
      gear on the driver is pushed in different directions for the different

      I think this discussion centered on either loss of electrical contact from
      the lifted driver, or loss of traction.

      I guess someone out there could measure the drivers on an 060 marklin loco
      to confirm this.


      P.s. thinking more, I seem to remember someone posted a movie clip that
      showed the center driver moving "up".

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      I don't think the middle wheels "lift" on 0-6-0 or other steam locos so much

      as they are intentionally made a millimeter or two smaller in diameter so
      they do not contact the track. This is so they can get around the 145mm
      curves without derailing.

      John C. La Rue, Jr.
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