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  • Lajos Thek
    Dec 2, 2003
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      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "kimvellore" <kim@b...> wrote:
      >...none of the lathe and end mills can get to the level of
      > detail that casting or injection molding gets.

      To build an injection mold for a well detaled product you
      need to use mill and lathe. The trick is knowing how to design
      and make the necessary tooling. To design something in 3D is
      the least expensive part of the process. To convert the program
      to a working product requires many expensive steps. On the basic
      three or four axis CNC machine you need to figure out the correct
      holding of the already machined surfaces (special tools made
      strictly for the product), a more sophisticated shape requires
      many tool changes, and even the production of a simple gear
      requires a "fifth" axis. To make the proper tooling is the
      biggest cost factor. Requires the "know how", what is rarely
      "public domain". I wish we'll see CNC machines capable to make
      the necessary tooling prior production of the parts, using the
      product's design and machining information. Then position the
      necessary cutters into the automatic tool changers, set-up
      the part holders, insert the material and go...
      Anyway, if someone with a small CNC machine is interested to
      manufacture small numbers (few hundred?) of parts, I have a
      nice, long wish list.
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