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  • michael
    Dec 2, 2003
      What about 3D (Stereo) Lithography? Is this technology too far out
      of reach, or is there another obstacle preventing it's use for Z?
      Viewed from my distance, it appears to offer the best of both
      worlds: the qualities of casting with CNC repeatability. I have
      seen some machines going at online auction for a *fraction of their
      original prices. There must be companies out there that rent time
      on these things. Or maybe a club with a big enough local nucleus
      could set up a non-profit testing ground where interested parties
      can pool money for the cause. ...just throwing out ideas here,

      This is a wonderful discussion on a subject which I have been very
      interested in.

      Also, as a side note, I have direct access to a couple of pieces of
      CNC-type machinery. I own a small CNC milling machine which was
      designed for printed circuit board fabrication (Brand-LPKF, Model-
      C60). I also have access to one of the MaxCNC machines which Jim
      pointed to in his first posting.



      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "kimvellore" <kim@b...> wrote:
      > Jim,
      > I don't want to bring your enthusiasm down but I feel what we
      > currently lack in building Z scale anything is either casting or
      > injection molding. Some level of detail can be obtained by Photo
      > etching, but none of the lathe and end mills can get to the level
      > detail that casting or injection molding gets. For Z you need all
      > tiny details. For example take a Z-scale loco from Marklin and
      > observe the details from the rivets to the trucks, no mechanical
      > machine can do that. I own a 4 axis CNC Mill and CNC Lathe and
      > to most CAD software. The only things I can build for Z loco are
      > parts for the drive mechanism, even making the gears right is
      > extremely time consuming, so I use Marklin gears and drive
      > If we could find an artist like Yuji who could make a master
      > mould in styrene or wax or resin then it could be reproduced in
      > Brass, add some PE details and use some CNC for making the chassis
      > and drive mechanism parts and you have a working loco.
      > So in order of priority I would say Casting, Photo Etch, CNC
      > machining, decal making and painting. The CNC parts could also be
      > eventually cast.
      > It is a great effort that you making for Z scale community,
      > but concentrating on CNC alone will not be able to achieve what
      > are trying to do.
      > Regards,
      > Kim
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