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  • themohican2003
    Dec 2, 2003
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      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "kimvellore" <kim@b...> wrote:

      > If we could find an artist like Yuji who could make a master
      > mould in styrene or wax or resin then it could be reproduced in
      > Brass, add some PE details and use some CNC for making the chassis
      > and drive mechanism parts and you have a working loco.
      > So in order of priority I would say Casting, Photo Etch, CNC
      > machining, decal making and painting. The CNC parts could also be
      > eventually cast.
      > It is a great effort that you making for Z scale community,
      > but concentrating on CNC alone will not be able to achieve what you
      > are trying to do.
      > Regards,
      > Kim
      As I recall when Yuji described what his model consisted of I believe
      he mentioned that the drive gears he used were from Marklin, I
      presume he used those to save time and effort since his model is a
      one time project.
      I myself am planning to use a combination of resin castings for
      bodies and chemically etched metal detail parts like the end frames,
      roof walks and hopper hatches.
      I almost considered making metal bodies from etched sheet metal, but
      I didn't care to solder all those cars, plus I would still have to
      cast the frame for mounting the coupler/truck assemblies.
      Hoppers Away!!!
      Allan Borg
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