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17979Re: [z_scale] My engines wont go

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  • Ralph Scott
    Dec 2, 2003
      You could try CRC CO contact cleaner - let it soak in and evaporare then relube . On double truck Locos some times the simple act of removing the pivot pin and removing the truck will allow you to spray cleaning fluid directly onto the gears. this will also allow you to check when the gears are freely moving.

      You may need a set of jewelers screwdrivers, tweezers or small piers and a bright light and possibly a magnifying glass to help you do this

      If a simple spray clean fails then the only alternative is to carefully disasemble clean and reassemble the gearbox. This can be problematic so you need to take careful note of where each gear is located and which way around they sit in the chassis,. It would pay to make a drawing as you disassemble and lay the parts out on a piece of paper in the order and position you take them apart. Only disasemble one truck at a time -this will make fault finding easier. if the loko has wheels with driving rods attached eg crocodile try to mark the inside of the wheels so you can relocate them in their original exact position. watch out for very tiny internal idler gears that pivot on the inside of the chassis.
      this job requires a lot of time and patience!
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      From: deadskunk01
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      Sent: Monday, December 01, 2003 3:51 PM
      Subject: [z_scale] My engines wont go

      I have several Marklin engines of veries types, that have been in
      stored in a closet for a few years. I got them out to exercise them,
      and the oil in the gear boxs and moters has Junked up. the lights
      come on and reverse when the power is reversed. I can hear the moters
      buzz too. What I need to Know is how to clean the Junk out of my
      engines so I can get my powered rolling stock moving again.


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