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17975Re: My engines wont go

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  • Andy Hunting
    Dec 1, 2003
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      Hi, Chuck --

      To clean out gunky old oil and other collected crud, I use "QD"
      contact cleaner, also known as "tuner cleaner", which is available at
      electronics stores and often at hardware stores in the electrical
      section. "QD" is not a brand name; I think it means "quick drying",
      because this liquid evaporates almost instantly once it's out of the
      spray can. Make sure that you select a cleaner which does not attack
      plastic, and which does not leave lubricants or any other residue

      I remove the locomotive shell and then give the gears a few good
      blasts with my can of cleaner. While I'm at it, I make sure that
      cleaner fluid has gotten to the wheel wipers and the brushes. Be sure
      that your high-pressure spray can doesn't dislodge the brushes,

      I turn steamers upside down and loosen the belly-pan screws -just-
      enough- to lift the belly pan slightly, and then I spray some cleaner
      into the gears through the crack under the lifted pan. IMPORTANT:
      only loosen the belly pan screws enough to allow cleaner to spray in;
      loosen them too far, and the spray-can pressure may cause a gear to
      move and skip a tooth. Mis-aligned steamer gears are a big hassle to
      re-align. Once the gears have had a good bath, tighten the belly-pan
      screws and turn the loco right-side-up again.

      I usually run the loco -very-briefly- to rotate the works, distribute
      any un-evaporated cleaner, and expose any remaining dirt and old
      oil. Since the loco is essentially un-lubricated at this point, I
      run it for a very short time to avoid damaging the dry gears.
      Then I give it a second bath as above. If old, congealed oil was the
      true problem with a loco, it should run freely now.

      With the old oil and gunk cleaned out, it's time to put in new oil.
      Please see David Karp's excellent article for info on oiling. Here's
      the address:


      Occasionally, a locomotive with good oil will foul its brushes, in
      which case the headlight will come on but the motor will not turn OR
      hum. Removing the shell and blowing on the brushes and armature may
      fix it. Sometimes I'll remove the brushes, clean them and the
      armature with some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab, and then put the
      brushes back on (keep track of which brush came from which side!).
      I'll usually put a tiny drop of oil on the motor bearing(s)
      afterwards, just in case the alcohol removed some oil.

      Happy fixing,

      -- Andy Hunting

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "deadskunk01" <deadskunk01@y...>
      > I have several Marklin engines of veries types, that have been in
      > stored in a closet for a few years. I got them out to exercise
      > and the oil in the gear boxs and moters has Junked up. the lights
      > come on and reverse when the power is reversed. I can hear the
      > buzz too. What I need to Know is how to clean the Junk out of my
      > engines so I can get my powered rolling stock moving again.
      > Chuck
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