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17973Re: [z_scale] Re: STEP/CNC for Creating Low-Demand, High-Quality Z Gauge Items

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  • Reynard Wellman
    Dec 1, 2003
      Hello Bill,

      I admire your restraint. Sometimes this stuff is not as interesting
      to all of us unless we are directly involved. Yes, I miss Ole Rosted
      as well. He was excoriatingly critical of inaccurate track
      and turnouts. He is an advocate for code 40 in Z scale and I believe
      he is right. Also, handlaid track can be very beautiful in any scale.

      I respect your remarks as well but want leave open ended the
      various traces we follow as we blunder through this technology.
      Z scale needs criticism as much as it needs as advocacy.

      We (Micron Art) will have booth #450 at the Seattle NMRA 2004
      show in July. If you are there, please stop by. We can exchange
      war stories on the railroading front. All of us can agree
      that it is railroads that we want to promote as the alternative to
      the millions of acres that are continually squashed under concrete
      every day.

      Best regards,

      On Monday, December 1, 2003, at 10:51 AM, Bill Hoshiko wrote:

      > --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Reynard Wellman <micron@m...> wrote:
      > > Hello Bill,
      > >
      > > I would like to disagree. What provoked this discussion was all
      > > the buzz about Yuji Kuwabara's Union Pacific Big Boy in Z scale.
      <edited for length>
      > Reynard,
      <edited for length>
      > I have been involved with handlaying track for over 55 years.  I
      > occasionaly post some thoughts about handlaying track to the Z_scale
      > groups but I don't think that this group is very interested.  They
      > may like the idea, but they are not planning to get involved. 
      > I post most of my handlaying track ideas to the Nn3 group or to the
      > handlaid track group.  These two groups are more active in
      > handlaying track.  With these two groups I may get some feedback. 
      > The only communications that I have had about handlaid track from
      > the Z-scale group has been from Ole and Svein-Martin Holt .  (Ole,
      > if your are reading this, we think of you often.)
      > When I reach a point that my work is Z scale specific, then I shall
      > make some posts to this group but untill then I will make only
      > occasional remarks.
      > I, for one, do respect your remarks, Reynard.  You are involved in
      > metal fabricating, manufacturing and marketing.  Your efforts are
      > instrumental in the advancement of Z scale.  Someday I wish that our
      > paths will cross and I can shake your hand.  It will make my day.
      > Bill
      > El Toro, Ca
      > "Z" WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE!  Highly addictive in Small
      > DoseZ!
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