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17969Re: STEP/CNC for Creating Low-Demand, High-Quality Z Gauge Items

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  • Bill Hoshiko
    Dec 1, 2003
      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Allbritton" <robert@p...>
      > Hi Jim & Group,
      > <snip>

      > But in the big picture, you are still talking about Locomotives
      that will
      > cost in the AZL price range when you get done -

      . You really
      > need to sell a product for at least 50% more than your production
      cost just
      > to break even with all of the other cost built in.

      My old bookkeeper training told me that the final retail price of
      any product should be 5 times the cost to manufactur. The retailer
      generaly marks everything up 100% over his wholesale cost. The
      wholesaler also makes a profit. If it is not sold within a
      reasonable time, the retailer is lucky if he nets 20%

      As for this step/cnc stuff please take it to:


      It is interesting but not really specific to Z.

      All those interested in this subject can subscribe to the traintools
      group and continue to follow this thread.

      El Toro, CA
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