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1763Re: [z_scale] HTML banner ads

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  • megott@ufl.edu
    Sep 5, 2000

      I don't know how or even if. I never recieved a copy of the message from
      the server. could it be possible that egroups put a program on all our
      computers to include the messages and it is Zonealarm and the fact that
      I got rid of some unknown programs that were accessing the internet that
      caused my message not to have an add on it?

      BTW is Viper also free? The original version of Zonealarm is. I was lead
      there by a link from another page that said zonealarm was the only
      program to compleatly make your computer disappear. It blocks all
      response from all the ports on the computer. Other programs leave some
      "openings" for your ISP to see if you are there and who you are. It is
      not really good netiquet to block that, but supposidly other people use
      this to find your computer and send spam. Also some ISPs will not
      connect you if this is blocked so you have to tell zonealarm to unblock
      it. I'm lucky in that I don't have to unblock it.

      Seems to work for me. ;-)
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