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  • Scott A. Whitmire
    Aug 31 9:06 PM
      At 8/31/00 09:37 AM, you wrote:
      >Okay folks, here is the surprise. The long talked about C44-9s are available
      >now! Ztrack has been authorized to distribute to our subscribers the Union
      >Pacific version of the C44-9 at a special price of $450.00 each. These units
      >are ready for shipment now! There are 3 differnet road numbers of the Union
      >Pacifics. The locomotives have been made for RLW by Aijin. They feature all
      >brass construction, Falhauber motor, dual flywheels, and amazing details such
      >as MU houses and a snow plow. A photo of the locomotive can be found on the <A
      > HREF="www.ztrack.com">Ztrack website</A>.
      >Come January 2001, three other roadnames will become available. These will be
      >Norfolk Southern, Sante Fe, and BNSF. These will be available through dealers
      >at a price of $500.00 to $550.00 each. Only 500 total C44-9s are being
      >produces. Less than 140 of these will be in the U.P. paint scheme.
      >Rob Kluz
      >Ztrack Magazine
      >6142 Northcliff Blvd.
      >Dublin, OH 43016
      >(614) 764-1703
      >Z: model railroading on a smaller scale.

      As much as I want a couple (of BNSFs, I don't allow yellow on my railroad),
      I can't afford even the $450. <heavy sigh> <weeping> <wailing> <nashing of

      Scott Whitmire
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