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  • rsmidt1
    Oct 2, 2003

      The half modules are a neat idea! I might try something like that
      myself in the future.

      Thanks for all the responses everyone. I was curious about this
      subject because, although I am in an organized module group, I also
      wanted to do modules for my home layout since the Queen of the House
      won't let me leave it out all the time, I have to put it away in
      storage when not in use. Using modules will let me have a bigger
      setup than trying to store a single, one-piece layout would.

      Randy Smidt
      Wash, DC Z-Bend Track

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Glen Chenier" <chenierfam@c...>
      > --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "rsmidt1" <RSmidt@m...> wrote:
      > > How many people out there have Z-scale modules (of any standard)
      > and
      > > are not members of an organized group?
      > Hi Randy,
      > No Z Bend groups around here (Dallas Texas), although there are a
      > couple Z Mod clubs (DG&M, Texas & Beyond). I was playing with and
      > started building a "half" Z-Bend module. Two mainlines are along
      > edge to Z-Bend standards, when two of these half modules are
      > together edge to edge they create a full size standard (but oddly
      > shaped) quad mainline Z-Bend module. But when fastened together
      > to end the mainlines mate to create a double length dual mainline
      > layout.
      > Stopped building it when I ran into a problem with MT couplers.
      > backed onto a 145mm radius curve from the yard, then pulled forward
      > again, usually at least one and often several cars uncouple. The
      > couplers swing too far sideways when pushing in reverse and
      > when pulled again.
      > Has anyone else had this problem on 145mm radius curves? How about
      > on 170mm and 195mm radius curves? Have tried loosening and
      > tightening the mounting screws, and adding swing limiters which
      > to help at the expense of under-rail magnetic uncoupling. Maybe
      > there is a happy medium swing limit at which both functions work
      > properly, but haven't spent any more time on it. Seems that if MT
      > was to make the hook of the coupler a bit longer they might work
      > better. Or maybe a stronger spring...
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