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16887Re: [z_scale] Re: Poor performance (again ;-)

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  • zbendtrack@aol.com
    Oct 2, 2003

      > I very much doubt if _any_ barber shop will actually advertise Wahl Oil

      Suggestion: look for a barber supply outlet. Or a ladies beauty supply
      outlet. Anyone that sells hair clippers will probably sell Wahl oil to go with

      "Sally Beauty Supply" is a huge chain store operation in the USA that sells
      all manners of things ladies use to be "beautiful." Although I feel totally
      out place when in the store surrounded by ladies talking about things I know
      nothing about, I find many train things:

      - Wahl Oil
      - Funny little applicators (like ear swabs) that make great
      applicators for weathering and cleaning
      - Tiny brushes for painting, at a fraction of the price at "art" stores
      - Foam backed sandpaper files (cheap)
      - Makeup powders in earth tones for weathering
      - Tiny wood and metal "picks" to use in constructing things
      - Foam sponges for cleaning
      - Plastic bottles, both hard and squeeze types with long snouts
      - Strange looking clamps, excellent for use as a "3rd" hand
      - Plastic storage boxes with compartments

      I you take your wife with you, she will be pleased to explain what all these
      things are "supposed" to be used for.

      Hope this helps,
      Bill Kronenberger

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