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16855Re: Individuals with modules

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  • Glen Chenier
    Sep 30, 2003
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      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "rsmidt1" <RSmidt@m...> wrote:
      > How many people out there have Z-scale modules (of any standard)
      > are not members of an organized group?

      Hi Randy,

      No Z Bend groups around here (Dallas Texas), although there are a
      couple Z Mod clubs (DG&M, Texas & Beyond). I was playing with and
      started building a "half" Z-Bend module. Two mainlines are along one
      edge to Z-Bend standards, when two of these half modules are fastened
      together edge to edge they create a full size standard (but oddly
      shaped) quad mainline Z-Bend module. But when fastened together end
      to end the mainlines mate to create a double length dual mainline

      Stopped building it when I ran into a problem with MT couplers. When
      backed onto a 145mm radius curve from the yard, then pulled forward
      again, usually at least one and often several cars uncouple. The
      couplers swing too far sideways when pushing in reverse and disengage
      when pulled again.

      Has anyone else had this problem on 145mm radius curves? How about
      on 170mm and 195mm radius curves? Have tried loosening and
      tightening the mounting screws, and adding swing limiters which seems
      to help at the expense of under-rail magnetic uncoupling. Maybe
      there is a happy medium swing limit at which both functions work
      properly, but haven't spent any more time on it. Seems that if MT
      was to make the hook of the coupler a bit longer they might work
      better. Or maybe a stronger spring...
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