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16852Re: [z_scale] Individuals with modules

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
    Sep 30, 2003
      --- rsmidt1 <RSmidt@...> a écrit : > Hi
      > I was just curious about this and wanted to ask:
      > How many people out there have Z-scale modules (of
      > any standard) and
      > are not members of an organized group?
      > Our local group, the Washington, DC Z-Bend Track
      > group is getting
      > ready to have a module building seesion and it got
      > me wondering who
      > else is out there doing modules besides the 11 or so
      > (in NA)
      > organized groups.
      > Thanks,
      > Randy Smidt

      Guys, I have one module, on which I'm (slowly)
      working, based on the crossing of BNSF and route 66 at
      Amboy (CA). It is 132 x 26 cm (sorry my american
      fellows, but I have no courage to convert this in
      inches and twelfths or eighteenths of inches
      tonight!). As I'm quite alone to model Z scale
      american prototype in my area, it's unlikely that I
      belong to a club one of these days. So it's likely
      that my module won't ever be coupled to another

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