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161Re: 1:440?

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  • pleahy@xxxxxxxx.xxx
    Aug 14, 1999
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      I saw a simple oval setup (Don't remember the scale, but much smaller than
      Zscale) at a show in Springfield Ma. back in jan. Its' mtion was achieved
      by magnets. One on the bottom of the train and one under the base of the
      whole setup that was moved along the path of the track by a turntable type
      mechanism. It was a cute novelty at most. and way overpriced.

      Pete Leahy

      At 10:42 PM 8/5/99 -0300, you wrote:
      >Dear Jacob,
      >Yes, working. That says the spanish magazine Maquetren
      >(year 5, 1997, page 75), but don't explain how.
      >I attach a scanned photo.
      >Juan Carlos
      >Jacob Munkhammar wrote:
      >> From: Jacob Munkhammar <jacob@...>
      >> >From: Juan Carlos Furnari <furnari@...>
      >> >
      >> >Hallo Z's,
      >> >I read (and saw Photos) that Railex presented a train scale 1:900(!)
      >> >at Nurnberg'97 exhibition.
      >> Working?!!
      >> /Jacob
      >>Content-Type: image/jpeg; name="Railex97.jpg"
      >Content-Disposition: inline; filename="Railex97.jpg"
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