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1569Re: [z_scale] More thoughts on Z-scale Hood Units

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  • Scott A. Whitmire
    Jul 10, 2000
      At 7/10/00 01:46 PM , you wrote:
      >Thanks for the info Don
      >Well, my friend owns his own resin casting business (Sylvan Scale Models)
      >Like I said, I'll look into getting prices. Currently, he only does N and
      >HO kits, but he expressed interest in Z scale shells if I could get the
      >patterns. Perhaps one of our brass people can help in this regard? I'd be
      >interested in even doing dummies as long as they can be powered at a future
      >date. As far as a modern GP goes, might I suggest the GP35 due to the flat
      >roofline. The vote seems to be set for a GP7/9, Modern GP and a SW7/1200.

      Ok, I'll definitely work on the drive train design for GP and the SW. I'll
      be able to use all three, even though I really don't like high nose locos.
      I could use about 10 SWs and eight or 10 GP35s (or GP40s).

      >Doing an etched brass master would be the first order of business, and
      >exactly how detailed would we want it? Rivets are almost out of the
      >question, but hood doors could be cast in. I'm seriously interested in
      >doing this, as are a number of others. I'll get back to the group with
      >quotes on shell prices tonight.

      Cool. Thank you. The doors, latches, and hinges would be sufficient
      detail. Rivets are certainly possible in etched brass. After all, they can
      get photolithography down to the sub-micron level. What I would do is
      start with some CAD drawings and use them as the masks for the brass
      etchings. It should be fairly easy to create the etchings. The drawings
      might be a simple matter of taking the HO scale drawings in the MR Diesel
      Locomotives Cyclopedia and scaling them down to Z. I basically did that
      with a copy machine (reduce them to 40% of original size, which comes
      out to just over 1:220 -- 1:200 was about 39.7% IIRC).

      If the etched brass pieces are used as masters for resin, then we
      probably don't want them assembled. But that's a matter for the
      experienced folks.

      >Dan MacKellar
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      >To: z_scale@egroups.com <z_scale@egroups.com>
      >Date: Monday, July 10, 2000 12:34 AM
      >Subject: Re: [z_scale] More thoughts on Z-scale Hood Units
      > >Dan,
      > >Resin might be the way to go "if you get a good master and someone who
      >knows "a lot" about resin, I think you might want to discuss this with Rob
      >Kluz, He knows a thing or two about resin casting and I'm sure he won't
      >mind,(too much) that I dropped his name.
      > > Also, You might be surprised at the cost of doing the bodies in brass as
      >a kit, If you laid it out right I think you could get 4-5 locos per sheet
      >and keep the cost reasonable, There are a couple of people on the list who
      >do brass and hopefully they will throw some info your way.
      > >I think its great you guys are working on this project, If there's anything
      >I can do let me know.
      > >I also would hope anyone with the skills needed to produce parts for loco's
      >would come forward and help out, if only by providing info.
      > >Respectfully,
      > >Don
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