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  • Graham Jones
    Aug 3, 2003
      Hi All

      Thanks for the comments but the reason for wanting electric uncouplers is on the new layout I have a three road single ended coal yard and I will be shunting 18-20 coal wagons in and out and if the couplings are static it can be a real pain coupling up and drawing the train back out
      over them


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      From: Glen Chenier
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      Sent: Sunday, August 03, 2003 7:37 PM
      Subject: [z_scale] Re: Help Please

      --- "Elizabeth Hayes" <ehayes24@h...> wrote:
      > if you are using micro-trains couplers, you don`t need electric
      > just magnets
      > >From: "Graham Jones" <zclubgb@f...>
      > >I am a long time Z head but just getting into using Microtrain
      >Does anybody know of a producer of electric uncouplers suitable for
      > >Microtrain couplings Please

      Watch for an article on home-made handheld magnetic uncoupling tools
      for MT couplers in the next Ztrack.

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