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1567Re: [z_scale] More thoughts on Z-scale Hood Units

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  • Scott A. Whitmire
    Jul 10, 2000
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      At 7/10/00 09:50 AM , you wrote:
      >Well, since you guys are so determined to build some decent Z scale
      >diesels, I'll
      >chime in with some info for you. You can have gears built for you by American
      >Precision Gear Co. Inc.Phone #650-595-3664, Fax #650-595-0388. If you are
      >Micro-Mo, they have some great 8mm motors with 16/1 ratio gear boxes on
      >them. We
      >plan to build some steam locos next year for both Z and N scale, but don't get
      >too excited, it's going to take some time and some capital to bring these
      >out for
      >the retai market.
      >Good luck guys!
      >Reynard Wellman, DBA Micron Art

      Thank you! For both pieces of info.

      The only drawback to the gear boxes from MicroMo is that they're only
      on one end of the motor, and we want the flywheels to run at motor speed,
      not axle speed. I know we can get 27:1 and 30:1 reductions in the truck
      towers, so space isn't a problem. It's much easier with mod 0.2 gears, but
      my initial designs were with mod 0.3 gears since they can be had off the

      Scott Whitmire
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