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15178Re: [z_scale] First Post

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  • Scott A. Whitmire
    Jul 1, 2003
      >LED's work, but most yellow LEDs are really yellow, perhaps too yellow to
      >represent filament type interior lighting. It does represent sodium based
      >lighting just fine. White LEDs work, but they are super bright and
      >expensive, which might be a consideration. Color correction of white LEDs
      >might be
      >something to consider also.

      Did you see that scene in N Scale? That was done with a single LED.

      >Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Not everyone has the same level of
      >talent, or time.
      >PS to Scott Whitmire: You should have never posted the URL on the source of
      >tiny tubing and lighting accessories. Cost me $50 on a web-placed order last
      >night. <smile>

      No kidding. My shopping list at that place grows daily. I especially like
      the lamp
      shades. Now, *every* building will have to be lit, both inside and out.

      >Bill K.

      Scott Whitmire
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