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  • Frank Daniels
    Jul 1, 2003
      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Bob B" <bbyrne@b...> wrote:
      > Hello Frank,
      > >
      > > Also, Vollmer offers a lower-cost alternative to Marklin's
      > > 8950 light.
      > I'm glad you mentioned the 8950 as it is on my shopping list.
      > I've built a Marklin 8970 Wintersdorf Station and didn't even
      > it had a hole in the base for the 8950. Of course now it is
      > I can't get access to the interior to "seal" it if required.
      > Is the 8950 in fact suitable for such a small building or would
      > Vollmer alternative be better?
      > --
      > Regards, Bob

      Hi Bob:

      I believe the 8950 is on quite a few shopping lists,
      as it has been out of stock from Marklin USA for quite
      a while now.

      Marklin is pretty slick...they make their opening
      just the size of the 8950's base.

      The Vollmer buildings are wide open at the base and
      you can fit any lighting inside.

      So, no, the Vollmer light will not work for the 8950
      Wintersdorf station, unless you custom hack an
      opening larger than the one they supply.

      Frank Daniels
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