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15169Re: [z_scale] Re: First Post

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  • Bob B
    Jul 1, 2003
      Hello Frank,

      > ........
      > A nice touch by Vollmer and I am sure anyone can custom
      > create such a light shield for any building.
      > Also, Vollmer offers a lower-cost alternative to Marklin's
      > 8950 light.

      I'm glad you mentioned the 8950 as it is on my shopping list.
      I've built a Marklin 8970 Wintersdorf Station and didn't even notice
      it had a hole in the base for the 8950. Of course now it is completed
      I can't get access to the interior to "seal" it if required.
      Is the 8950 in fact suitable for such a small building or would the
      Vollmer alternative be better?

      Regards, Bob
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