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  • Frank Daniels
    Jun 30, 2003

      Nice insight.

      May I add that Vollmer buildings include pretty handy
      little cutouts that fit inside their buildings. These
      are black with various-colored translucent paper at the
      window/door areas.

      When the light is turned on, the black areas "insulate"
      the light from escaping and the window openings allow
      light out right where you want it.

      A nice touch by Vollmer and I am sure anyone can custom
      create such a light shield for any building.

      Also, Vollmer offers a lower-cost alternative to Marklin's
      8950 light.

      Frank D

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, zbendtrack@a... wrote:
      > Scott:
      > > One question. I am working on a new Z scale layout. What are
      > > best lights to use to light the interiors of Z scale buildings
      > > where is the best place to get them.
      > For most of these structures, even with the exterior painted, when
      you put a
      > bulb inside and turn off the room lights, they will look like
      > ornaments on a Christmas tree. The walls, roof and window frames
      will glow brightly
      > even with a small bulb inside.
      > The first step is to insure the walls, window frames and roof are
      > transparent to light. Different folks use different techniques of
      stopping light
      > transmission such as aluminum foil glued to the walls/roof or
      black or silver
      > paint on the inside of the building. White paint just won't stop
      it, by the way <
      > sad experience face>
      > Once the building is no longer translucent, then you can consider
      > application of paint or paper so that when you look inside the
      windows and doors, you
      > won't see the "light block" foil, coal black paint or stark silver
      paint. I
      > use an off-white dull finish paint. Others may have other ideas
      for a color.
      > Even small pieces of real wall paper could work.
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