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14655Re: [z_scale] Re: Very poor running.

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  • David George
    Jun 2, 2003
      Don't use any pins at all ! just glue-tack the track with Mr Elmer.

      David G.

      "bill.foote" <bill.foote@...> wrote:
      One possible way of avoiding this problem is to drill holes through the
      ties(sleepers) and into the baseboard (very necessary if you have a fairly
      hard material for a baseboard anyhow) - drill to a depth that just allows
      the end of track pins to "bite" into the baseboard, using a drill that is
      what I would describe as "barely clearance" for the track pins

      Well that is how I did it on my most recent layout, and it seems to work

      As ever, use as few pins as possible

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      > Hi.
      > I am at the point where all of my track is layed on my Z scale layout
      > and the scenery is coming along.
      > BUT I can never ever ever get my little locos to run around once
      > without stopping.
      > My two Z scale locos are Markln and for all intents and purposes 0-4-
      > 0 locos electrically which is itself frustrating.
      > I am at the end of my rope!

      [I am just back and catching up on a few weeks
      of emails, so please forgive the `step backwards".]

      I too had been suffering from a very similar experience
      (especially the rope part!). My two locos are M�rklin
      8895 (five pole 2-6-0) and M�rklin 8899 (three pole 4-6-0)

      I had the good fortune, a couple of weeks ago, of taking my
      locos to Terry Sutfin's house and running them on the
      Poorville and Debt City. They ran fine -- smooth, no
      hesitation and well at slow speeds. He graciously lent me
      a few of his (4 axle and 6 axle M�rklin Diesel and
      Electrics) to try on my layout. Because of the much longer
      wheel base I was able to `see' problems in the track
      which were not apparent otherwise.

      Terry also questioned me about my tack nails. I was sure
      they had not been put in too deeply (which I could verify
      with an optivisor!), but he wondered if the tight fit in the
      molded-in hole might still create enough friction to cause
      just enough binding [leteral movement of the rail heads]
      to be a problem. (This guess was prompted by the fact that
      the locos run very well on the two sections on Faller bridges
      where NO nails had been used.)

      I proceeded to remove ALL the nails (track was already held
      in place by ballast and glue), and some of the problems
      cleared up right away.

      Just a bit of experience which might be of help to you, or


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