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14644Re: [z_scale] Re: Very poor running.

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  • Ralph.Scott
    Jun 1, 2003
      On one of my earlier layouts I layed 1.5mm cork then added track withith the occassional pin partly driven in to hold the track in place then added catenary supports and then the ballast material followed by diluted pva glue. This was fine until usage caused some ballast particles to come loose and get caught up in the locos' gears.
      This time I layed the cork but spray painted it with a thick coat of Plasti cote Fleck Stone. Then just before the paint was completely dry partialy pinned the track inplace and weighted it down until the paint dried and hardened. Then removed most of the track pins and near- homed the remaining few pins. The flek paint looks very like ballast and comes in different shades of granite from pink-brown through to grey -black.. it is also easy to clean.
      I have some photos but I am not quite sure how or where to post them or what size they should be
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      From: bill.foote
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      Subject: Re: [z_scale] Re: Very poor running.

      One possible way of avoiding this problem is to drill holes through the
      ties(sleepers) and into the baseboard (very necessary if you have a fairly
      hard material for a baseboard anyhow) - drill to a depth that just allows
      the end of track pins to "bite" into the baseboard, using a drill that is
      what I would describe as "barely clearance" for the track pins

      Well that is how I did it on my most recent layout, and it seems to work

      As ever, use as few pins as possible

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      Subject: [z_scale] Re: Very poor running.

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      > Hi.
      > I am at the point where all of my track is layed on my Z scale layout
      > and the scenery is coming along.
      > BUT I can never ever ever get my little locos to run around once
      > without stopping.
      > My two Z scale locos are Markln and for all intents and purposes 0-4-
      > 0 locos electrically which is itself frustrating.
      > I am at the end of my rope!

      [I am just back and catching up on a few weeks
      of emails, so please forgive the `step backwards".]

      I too had been suffering from a very similar experience
      (especially the rope part!). My two locos are Märklin
      8895 (five pole 2-6-0) and Märklin 8899 (three pole 4-6-0)

      I had the good fortune, a couple of weeks ago, of taking my
      locos to Terry Sutfin's house and running them on the
      Poorville and Debt City. They ran fine -- smooth, no
      hesitation and well at slow speeds. He graciously lent me
      a few of his (4 axle and 6 axle Märklin Diesel and
      Electrics) to try on my layout. Because of the much longer
      wheel base I was able to `see' problems in the track
      which were not apparent otherwise.

      Terry also questioned me about my tack nails. I was sure
      they had not been put in too deeply (which I could verify
      with an optivisor!), but he wondered if the tight fit in the
      molded-in hole might still create enough friction to cause
      just enough binding [leteral movement of the rail heads]
      to be a problem. (This guess was prompted by the fact that
      the locos run very well on the two sections on Faller bridges
      where NO nails had been used.)

      I proceeded to remove ALL the nails (track was already held
      in place by ballast and glue), and some of the problems
      cleared up right away.

      Just a bit of experience which might be of help to you, or


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