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14621Re: [z_scale] Re: Back in the game and confused [as usual]

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  • Roy Stevens
    May 31, 2003
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      Ok, when you're talking hundreths of amps, the answer is NO. My response
      is, I don't need to. The meters are analog, which I prefer to digital to
      visually see dynamic fluctuations, which are a good indication of certain
      problems, and the difference in hundreths of amps between locos is
      irrelevant as far as I'm concerned, but when an 8800 mechanism starts
      pulling nearly an amp unloaded, it's time to start looking for problems.
      I agree with one response that if you have a layout with DC block control,
      it's much better to build meters into the panel, but my layout is DCC and I
      use the power pack on any of the three workbenches or with one of the two
      display layouts.


      >Subject: Re: Back in the game and confused [as usual]
      >Do you find the meters granular enough? It seems like the throw for
      >Voltage, and especially for Amperage, is way to short...what I mean is: You
      >can't tell the difference between 2 and 3 volts....and certainly not the
      >difference between .03 and .09 amps...Right?
      >Or have you not found that to be a problem? I know I even complained
      >about the Amperage meters on my HO MRC pak....NOt a Tech 4, but the Top of
      >the line one with Meters at the time...Like a 9500 or something....
      > Anyway, can you REALLY see a difference in Amperage between locomotives?

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