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146Re: Scenery, CAD and Locomotives

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  • BJKRONEN@xxx.xxx
    Aug 12, 1999
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      Hello to [[pfonseca@...]] (no name given):

      > Hello. I am just getting started in Z Gauge

      Welcome to the hobby. I'll answer the questions I know something about, and
      leave the rest for others who know more.

      > 2. Has anyone tried the Woodland Scenics subterrain system. If a
      > preformed layout is not possible, would this be a good alternative?

      Believe in this stuff. Its an outstanding system. I wish it was around for
      the first modules we built. It would have saved a lot of time. For those
      without a lot of wood working tools, its a must.

      > 3. Any ideas on a reliable first locomotive? Marklin or Micro Trains?

      Gee. What's a good looking man look like to you? or woman? No matter, I
      don't have clue what appeals to you in trains either, or even if you like
      steam or diesel, US or Euro prototypes. Or even what country you may be
      emailing from.

      But I'll take a shot and risk the flames of everyone on the list:

      If you are a USA prototype person, try a Micro Trains F7. Cheap. Reliable.
      Good puller. Good paint. Excellent attention to scale. Discount sources
      are out there.

      If you are a European modeler, look at the recent list-member comments on
      Ander's website:


      Chime in folks. I only answered 2 of the 4 questions. Improvements to my
      answers are welcomed.

      Bill Kronenberger
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