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14589Re: [z_scale] Back in the game and confused [as usual]

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  • ted_lamar@peoplesoft.com
    May 29 7:26 AM
      > I noted that Model Rectifier Corp was supposed to have a z
      >scale controller but could not find any reference on their web site.

      MRC DOES NOT make a z scale powerpak, per se. There is a version that has
      been externally modified by Micro Trains - basically a physical stop at
      about the 70 percent throttle range.

      They are [occasionally] available on eBay for around 35 bux.

      I just use the regular MRC 1300's, available on eBay for about 15 bux. I
      am careful not to turn them up all the way. I wrote down the voltage at
      each step [posted it a long time ago] so I know what I am feeding my

      So - In short:
      I don't think it's worth the 35 bux for the externally modified ones. Do a
      search on eBay for MRC 1300.

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