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14574Re: [z_scale] Back in the game and confused [as usual]

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  • zbendtrack@aol.com
    May 28, 2003
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      > I noted that Model Rectifier Corp was supposed to have a z
      > scale controller but could not find any reference on their web site.

      MRC's model 1300 was "modified" by MicroTrains for Z scale. The
      "modification" consists of a new stick-on plastic front panel which prevents the throttle
      knob from being turned past 2:00 on a clock face. Price for a MT version is
      around $30-35 in many places (retail and auction sites).

      You can also pick up brand new in the box 1300 units from a perpetual seller
      on eBay for around $15. You will have to add your own mechanical block to
      keep the throttle from advancing past the 2:00 clock face position. At that
      point, it will be identical to the MT version.

      The 1300 uses a sine-wave output that is not symmetric, which helps quite a
      bit on low speed performance on 3 pole motors, when compared to pure DC packs.

      The MRC 2800 is a dual 1300 (two throttles in one case), but the output is
      10.6vac at full throttle. Still too much for Marklin, but not for MT
      locomotives. I'd recommend you block the throttles at the 3:00 position to protect your
      Marklin locos. Around $30-35 on eBay if you are patient with your bidding.

      Quite a few list members use the 1300 and 2800 without any problems over the
      last 10 years (overheating, failures, etc.). So do several large modular
      clubs. Everyone likes to see locomotive "creep" along, and these packs are one
      solution which is commonly available.

      Warning: Most HO and N packs will "toast" a Z scale locomotive with excessive
      voltages, so if you try one, monitor locomotive heat build up in intervals of
      30 seconds. Yes, 30 seconds. One minute can be too long on a HO pack that
      pops the loco with 20vdc pulse power. Even better, run the loco with its cover
      off, so you can feel the motor temperature directly. Good advice: don't try
      to use them in the first place.

      Look in the "files" section for oiling information. If you wish to have them
      "brought back" to life by professionals, there are some excellent folks in
      Florida (who advertise in Z Track magazine) that do a 300% better job than other
      service centers out there.

      Hope the black bear doesn't taking a liking to z scale. <smile>

      Bill K.

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