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14573Back in the game and confused [as usual]

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  • gwhackman
    May 28, 2003
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      I have been out of "z" for appx. 15 years. The usual
      retirement, moving etc. reasons. This forum is fantastic. I no
      longer feel like the Lone Ranger in this scale as opposed to years
      When I started I was in Arizona and had access to a nice shop
      called "Roys Train World" in Mesa Az. Now I am in the boonies of New
      Hampshire and having a territorial dispute with a local Black Bear
      regarding my ownership of some bird feeders. FYI: Bear Wins. But
      that is another story.
      I am in the process of closing off the area over my garage and
      heating it for my foray back into z. From what I am gathering I
      will also have to pull some serious maintance on my engines after
      sitting in boxes all these years.
      I have scrolled back thru the post/message sections back to
      #11000 looking for a substitue for the 6727A controllers that I have
      inorder to cover the increassed rail area I am planning. Thinking
      big in the marshalling yard area.
      I noted that Model Rectifier Corp was supposed to have a z
      scale controller but could not find any reference on their web site.
      I have also tried the search mode on this site without joy.
      Most likely it is the parameters that I am using. So what else is
      Could anyone give me a good hint on how I should refernce my
      search mode to help locate viable information.
      The z scale magazine is also on my "to get" list. Thanks in
      advance to any help given. Terry
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