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14433Re: [z_scale] Very poor running.

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  • kurtulueck@aol.com
    May 15, 2003
      Hi Terry,

      I had a similar situation last year when I went the first time after the
      rebuild of my Red Rock Railroad to the local train show. As I am now about 20
      years in Z I had expirienced several contact issues, but had never seen a
      desaster like that just at that public show. The show was Saturday and Sunday
      and I finished the build up of the layout at about midnight from Friday to

      The layout is wired for DCC and I wanted to show DCC on Z scale that show -
      BUT I was not able to run a single loco on the layout. I used SR24 or Trix
      fluid (a thin cleaning oil, probably similar to the Wahle oil, SR24 is sold
      as cleaning fluid for ultrasonic cleaners too) as usual with no big success.
      I used J├Ârger cleaner - no big success. Running DCC was impossible.
      Absolutely depressed I went to sleep for a few hours - I coul not solve that

      The next morning I went to the drug store and asked for something mild
      (aggressive) stuff to clean my rails. I first thought tooth paste for smokers
      could be a solution, but they recommended a fluid used to polish brass. The
      strain show started just when I came back from the drug store and I had to
      start the show - I used 3 (three) MTL F7 coupled together and ran analog to
      bring my train through! But something was running.

      Then I started polishing the rails with the brass cleaner and the rag
      wasbecoming REALLY DIRTY. It turned to a dark green to black colour and the
      train ran perfectly on the already cleaned tracks even with a single engine!
      After the brass cleaner I used my standard cleaning method and I was able to
      run DCC later at the show.

      What happend? On ballasting and scenery making I used a lot of white glue
      which remained as a hard layer on the track which could not be removed with
      normal cleaning procedure. Probably something similar happend to your layout.
      I would recommend to try this one. Of course the general electric feeders
      should be installed correctly, but that shouldn't be the issue for an
      expirienced N scaler I believe.

      Don't use any grinding paper on your tracks, this will make the surface of
      the rails rough and again more difficult to clean.

      If Z scales is properly cleaned it runs very well, similar to N and nearly
      similar to H0. I have seen N and H0 layouts which were running really poor.
      So it is not a question of scale.

      The locomotive itself should be inspected either. Cleaning the engine with
      SR24 and relubing (very carefully) should provide you an excellent engine.
      Try your engine with two wires to the wheels - if it is easyly running the
      engine will be ok. If you see dirt at the wheels remove it.

      Hope you will get back to Z track and enjoy!



      The Redrock Railroad - Home of the Desert Hog

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