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14411Re: [z_scale] Very poor running.

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  • dpstripe@aol.com
    May 14, 2003
      In a message dated 5/14/03 10:03:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      terryrowsell@... writes:

      > My two Z scale locos are Markln and for all intents and purposes 0-4-
      > 0 locos electrically which is itself frustrating.
      > I am at the end of my rope! Is there something I am missing???
      > I have had years without ANY of these worries in N scale.
      > TERRY

      Well, you could try a gagemaster "electronic rail cleaner", available from
      Glenn and Sandy Stiska. Also, I have found that if I solder leads to every
      couple of feet of track that my locos run much better. The Z rail joiners are
      very easily damaged and spread. Also, check the electrical contacts at the
      frogs of your turnouts, sometimes they can ground out even when the loco
      isn't near them. I discovered this by accident when I touched my layout near
      a turn out, and my engine stopped 5 inches from the turnout. The multiple
      power taps definately helps, though.

      Dan S.

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