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144Scenery, CAD and Locomotives

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  • pfonseca@xxxxxx.xxx
    Aug 12, 1999
      Hello. I am just getting started in Z Gauge and have enjoyed reading this newsgroup. I have a few questions.

      1. Does anyone know where I can select from the entire product line of Noch. I was planning on getting started with a preformed layout and building on that with scenery, structures, wiring, etc. However, the distributors in the US only carry a few select layouts. All state that there is a problem with shipping making the cost to high to be profitable. Are there any other sources worldwide which could ship to the US? I have tried to email Noch to no avail.

      2. Has anyone tried the Woodland Scenics subterrain system. If a preformed layout is not possible, would this be a good alternative?

      3. Any ideas on a reliable first locomotive? Marklin or Micro Trains?

      4. Finally, how about CAD software. Are there any programs especially good for Z Gauge.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.
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