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14153Re: [z_scale] Preiser Unpainted Figures

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  • zbendtrack@aol.com
    May 3 11:09 AM
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      > Has anyone here purchased one of these sets (Preiser #88500) and
      > painted it themselves? Was wondering if it's difficult to paint
      > these.

      Well, I have two sets in my "round2it" box for a future project, someday.

      Having just vented my wrath about auction sites yesterday, I'll now say
      something nice about them. There is a lady named Pauline in Canada on a
      "certain" auction site that paints figures and animals in 6 to 9 colors for
      about 70 cents (usd) each, if you subtract the cost of the plastic figure.
      She does not charge for shipping (its free). Her "rating" is in the

      I own about 70 of her figures, and have yet to find a bad one.

      Detail includes belts, belt buckles, buttons on shirts, socks, facial
      features, hats, gloves, tools (workers) and ties. Paint quality is a 9.6 on
      a 10 scale (10x loupe level quality). My skill set with a one hair brush is
      no where near that level.

      I've encouraged her to post on this list in the vendors section, but no luck

      A much calmer,
      Bill K.

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