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13827Re: [z_scale] FA-1 shell and painting Micro Trains F-7

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  • ztrack@aol.com
    Apr 6, 2003
      FR also made a Southern Pacific commuter set with an MT F7 painted in the
      bloody nose paint scheme. The CNW version was very attractive!

      Rob Kluz

      In a message dated 4/5/03 9:42:03 PM, ehayes24@... writes:

      > Harald Freudenreich makes/ (made? Discontinued?) a CNW commuter set using
      > the Micro-Trains f7 shell.

      Ztrack Magazine, Ltd.
      6142 Northcliff Blvd.
      Dublin, OH 43016
      Phone/Fax (614) 764-1703

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