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13792FA-1 shell and painting Micro Trains F-7

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  • scott
    Apr 3, 2003
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      OK maybe I can't get a PA-1 shell for the Micro Trains F-7. If
      somebody brings out a snap-on FA-1 shell I'd be happy. I'd like to
      model the 1947 American Freedom Train (yes you young whippersnappers,
      there was one before the 1976 version!)
      Also I want to base my layout on the railroads of my hometown when I
      was young. So that means Milwaukee Road, Chicago Nothwestern and
      Green Bay&Western. Id like to re-paint 2 Micro Train F-7's in CNW and
      Milw Road colors, Were there any articles on painting this loco in
      back issues of Z-Track magazine? For the Green bay&Western this will
      be a bit tougher as they were a pure Alco railroad in the 70's.
      BTW over on our favorite auction site someone is selling a Rogue
      Locomotive Works GP38 shell. He had it listed for a 9 day auction.
      The guy knows what he is doing to us, the Pavlov's dog experiment!
      Sit, heel, roll over, drool, BARK! (Bucks! Bucks! Bucks!) I hope the
      winner plans on being a Z-pal and will make castings from it to sell
      to the rest of us:)
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